Dealing with Anxiety

Anxiety is a very common thing to experience – I get it, and I am not even a refugee/migrant!

There are ways to overcome nerves. It is very hard, but if you are determined to put in the work, you can get to the worry-free days – it IS POSSIBLE!

Here are my top tips for dealing with anxiety:

  1. Try mindfulness! I use it and it greatly reduces stress and worry. One application you can use is smiling minds – sign in, and under your age group, there is plenty for you to try out!
  2. If you get severe anxiety or panic attacks, try to picture the feeling. It might be a black blob, with something inside it struggling to get out. It might be a red square jolting around violently. Whatever it is, observe it. Watch it. Then picture it calming, deflating. Peacefully disappearing. This helps with panic attacks, and it has worked for my friends previously.
  3. Try buying/making a stress ball. This can help calm you down! See the video below on how to make a stress balloon – with just a balloon, flour, rice, and a funnel*. They are super easy and fun to make!
  4. If preparing for something scary, boost your confidence by being confident in your looks – this is subtle but really helps! Also, just tell yourself ‘I can do this!‘. I believe in you, now you just need to believe in yourself!

A Crash Course in Aussie Slang!

You’re new here, right?

You might be wondering just how we Aussies speak. The stereotypical Aussie speaks like this:

G’day mate! Want another snagger on the barbie?

But, we don’t actually speak like that, unless you’re truly from the country!

For more tips, you can see the links here or here, or see my video (PowToon) here!

Or, just see my basic list below!

  • Arvo – Afternoon; See you this arvo!
  • Barbie – Barbecue; You coming to the barbie tonight?
  • Bathers – Swimsuit; Nice swimsuit! 
  • Chockers – Full, cant eat anymore; I’m chockers!
  • Cuppa – Cup of tea; Do you want a cuppa?
  • Sunnies – Sunglasses; It’s so sunny! Better wear my sunnies!
  • Footy – Football, AFL; Want to go to the footy game tomorrow?
  • Biccy – Biscuit; Do you want a biccy with your milk?
  • Ambo – Ambulance; Quick! Call the ambo!

Or the phrases here:

  • BYO – Bring your own!
  • Bring a plate – Bring a plate of food to share!
  • Give me five! – High five!
  • She’ll be right – It’ll be alright!
  • Down to Earth – Honest, gentle; She’s so down to Earth!

Good luck!

Summer Tips: Perth

Being new to Perth, I thought it would be helpful to give you a list of helpful tips!

This is the summer edition ☀️

So here goes:

  1. Keep your sunscreen on you. Perth has very hot weather, especially during summer! Lip gloss is helpful too 💄
  2. It is very easy to become dehydrated in the scorching weather.  A large water bottle is key! 🥤
  3. To help keep the sun out of your face, a large brimmed hat is great 👒 … but any hat works!
  4. When going out, sunglasses help you to see clearly and add a cute edge to any outfit🕶️
  5. For shoes choose sandals: your feet will suffocate in sneakers or boots! 👡
  6. For cute clothing in summer, choose a light dress 👗 or skirt. This will keep you cool!
  7. In summer, braiding or plaiting your hair is a great tip! 👱‍♀️ It keeps your hair off your shoulders and looks great!

Keeping Safe in Perth!

  Safety always comes first. Call 000 for Australian Emergency Services.

Being in a new country, you might be worried about your safety. Australia is perfectly safe!

If you witness suspicious activity, you can visit the national security website here 🛡️

There are many police stations in Perth. If you ring 000 and ask for the police, they will come from the station closest to you! 👮

Only call 000 in an emergency or life-threatening situation, when urgent police assistance is needed, for example:

  • a serious crime is in progress, being witnessed or just committed;
  • any situation where life or serious injury is threatened;
  • a car accident where people are trapped or seriously injured;
  • a serious air, rail or water incident;
  • any incident which poses an immediate threat of danger to people or property; or
  • an explosion or bomb incident or threat.

See the WA police website here for more information on calling 000 or 131 444 👮 Below are the locations of all of the police stations in Perth (The red dots!!)

There are many ambulances ready for duty situated around Perth. Call 000 in a life threatening emergency!


There are several fire stations in Perth. 🔥 🚒

You can visit the Department of Fire and Emergency Services website here and see the contact page here.

Only call 000 for fire or life-threatening emergencies.

If in need of urgent property repair you cannot do yourself call the SES on 132 500 or go to their website here!

Remember that Australia is a safe country! Only call 000 if a life-threatening emergency occurs.

I’ve never had to call 000 and neither have any of my family members!

Keep safe, Kate 💗 💗

Connectivity: How to get to know people!

Communication. A key skill!

I know getting to know other people is hard. But making friends is a key part of settling in here!

A great way to get to know people is a shared interest. You can bond over a sport like basketball 🏀 or hockey 🏑, various art clubs 🎨, or even social events! I have provided links to various sports (below) and other programs. search the titles (bolded writing) to find your certain sport. If I missed any, comment below and I’ll update my post!

Also, if you have a certain sport/activity I missed, see the link here! Easily choose an activity and enter Western Australia, then you can enter your postcode and how far away you want the club to be! Overall, a very helpful website!


You can go to the netball website here! This site will take you to the club closest to you! Simply scroll down and there will be links to different clubs that suit you best!


On the hockey website, you can easily enter your postcode and suburb, and it will find a club in your area!


This ‘find a club‘ is similar to the hockey one. Simply type in ‘Perth’ and search. Then have a look at each individual club (I recommend Active Gymnastics!) and the choice is yours!


This site is Vacswim! It has various programs that can help teach you to swim – I recommend the beach one as Perth has gorgeous beaches!

This is a website that has a list of clubs in WA so some might be too far away from you! Find one near you in the contact list and enjoy!


This is a Clubs of Australia website like mentioned above. This is helpful if you use the search bar and put in your postcode. It will show you clubs within 10km of your postcode originally, but you can make the distance smaller/larger.

Good luck and have fun making friends!

Kate ❤️


Welcome to Perth!

I know it must be so hard to leave your country. Everything you’ve ever known, gone. Sometimes even leaving family members behind.

The nerves. The fear. The anxiety. The questions – How will I fit in? But I don’t know the language, what will I do? And the sadness. Leaving your old home, family members. Remembering why you have to leave. Any of these things, all of them, are normal. It’s exactly how I would feel if it was me!

But remember that here in Perth, we want to understand. We want to get to know you and your story. And we’ll be supportive as we can as your new friends!

Australia is your future. Welcome, refugees! – Kacy


Hello, World!

Welcome to my first post! This blog is all about helping girls that have come to Perth!

My name is Kate and I’m here to help give you advice about Perth from someone who’s lived here her whole life! I post about everything from shopping to school to city events. If it’s about Perth and it seems helpful, I’ll post about it. I’m not a refugee/migrant myself, but I’ve heard many stories and want to help those who have come here. I don’t mind where you’ve come from, but every person in our community counts. Remember that!

I’ll probably post other school-related things as well, to give you a bit of an insight into my life. Enjoy!